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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Narrator For Bound In Blood: Melissa Strom

The release of Clandestine in audio is rapidly approaching. It is going through the last round of edits now!

You will be able to buy it at Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

The narrator that will be performing the book for you is extremely talented. She really brings Emily and the gange to life. Her ability to juice up the creep out factor with the vampires is spine tinglingly amazing.

Melissa has worked very hard to put forth a great product that I think you all will love. Even those of you who don't normally go to the audio version for a good read will love this audio book. I would encourage you to pick it up and listen to Melissa Strom as Emily Jameson.

You can also find more titles read by Melissa Strom on Audible too. So when you're done listening to Clandestine, be sure to check out what else Melissa has to offer.

Are you an author or publisher looking for a great new talent for your next book? If so, check out Melissa's website. There you can find samples of work and a steller resume that will grab your interest and have you picturing her in the role of your main character. Please visit www.melissastrom.com to find out more about how to hire a fantastic narrator, producer, acriss and all around amazing woman.

Click HERE to find out more about Melissa.

Clandestine in audio will be out soon! Can't wait? Check it out on Amazon in print ($9.99) or in eBook ($2.99).

Stay tuned for the next post... I'll be talking about the insanely good musician I hired to produce a wickid cool music set for the Bound In Blood series.

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