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Clandestine, the first installment in the Young Adult Paranormal series Bound In Blood is available in both Print and EBook. It can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Create Space


What do you do when the life you thought was real, isn’t? Behind the scenes, terror and treachery lurk within the shadows, craving the essence of life. The undead have walked the earth since the dawn of time, standing beside and feeding on the humans, who mistakenly believe that they are at the top of the food chain.

Bound in Blood...

Blissfully ignorant of a race that supersedes their own, the town of Lakeview has ceased their ordinary lives and been left with the functionality of Step-ford wives. In a town where everyone knows everyone else's business, suddenly the main objective is walking with their head down and keeping to themselves.

Left with a neglectful father and a best friend with uncanny intuition, Emily Jameson begins to realize that vampires have taken up residence in Lakeview and they aren't the vegetarian kind. The undead aren’t just snacking though, they have a purpose and Emily’s more entangled in the chaos than she thought possible.

Sebastian, doesn’t do much to help either. He’s cocky, arrogant and more than a little annoying. But there are those brief moments, no matter how few and far between, when he lets his true self shine through. It’s that second persona that Emily can’t help but lust after. Soon, Sebastian becomes the guy, she loves to hate.

Born a slayer, never having been graced with a blood summoning, Emily is left to follow her instincts. Her heritage forces her to accept a blood legacy she is unprepared for. Her ordinary life has been destroyed, opening her eyes to a world she doesn't recognize. She is forced to accept the inevitable in the face of her towns demise.

Emily must delve deep to find the slayer within, the piece of herself kept hidden. Now, all bets are off and she’s out for blood. How will Emily find a way to accept her part in the slayers dynasty, fight a growing attraction to an opinionated slayer, and save her town, without losing herself to a slayer's un-summoning?

Clandestine Copyright © 2011 By Nicole Rae
All Rights Reserved. Published by Euphoric Publishing & Design

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