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Clandestine, the first installment in the Young Adult Paranormal series Bound In Blood is available in both Print and EBook. It can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Create Space

Sightless Spirits

The solitude of death and the responsibility of the living....

After a wicked car accident, Julia's brother Aiden walked away unscathed, while she was left in the dark. Not all spirits cross over to the afterlife, willingly. Some are violently torn from this world before their time, left to search for a human with an aura, who can bridge the divide...

A year ago, Julia learned how precious her sense of sight was, when she was left to balance between adjusting to blindness and discovering her ability to communicate with the dead. Miraculously, she can see spirits and is the only one who can help them, whether she wants to or not. Unable to block out their pleas, she discovers that the one, who killed them isn't finished killing and won't stop until he's had his fill.

When evil upsets the balance, Julia must harness her gift to set things right. Can she learn to accept her new life and lead the lost souls to peace? Will continue her descent into the dark, rejoin the living, or become one of the lost souls she's attempting to help?