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Monday, January 6, 2014

Moving day is approaching

Hello all

I have made a decision for Nicole Ray's blog! That's right, me, myself, I actually made a decision in a timely fashion! Alert the media… No applause please

I have decided that I am going to combine my two blogs. That means this blog will be moving over to playing the blind card. I hope that you all will consider following that site.  It really would mean a lot to me.

There has just been a lot going on with my life. It would make things a lot less hectic, if I only had two update one blog. I'm sure many of you out there understand what that is like. Family, writing, and normal life, have just gotten to be too much. In order for me to stay devoted to you as well as to my regular day today life, this move is a necessary evil

I absolutely love having both blogs. I like being able to keep the two worlds separate. Nevertheless, both worlds have always collided from time to time. There has always been random blindness topics discussed on this blog. Or there has always been a time where I would talk about my writing on playing the blank card. Therefore, this move is it a huge stretch I suppose.

I am going to be asking for a sighted persons help on transferring all the posts and links from this blog over to playing the blind card. Some of them, are already there. I appreciate yo blind card. I hope to see you all there as soon as you can. I don't want you to miss out on anything new. From this point forward all new posts will be done on playing the blind card. There will only be one last post on this site to let everyone know when things are official.

My YouTube channel will remain the same. I don't have very many subscribers on that yet. I hope that you all will consider signing up for that as well.  I do understand that my videos are a little boring for sighted people. I haven't yet done one that isn't completely black. The reason for this, is to give sighted people a chance to see a little bit of what a blind person sees. This is not how all the videos will be however. I plan in the near future to do an actual video where you can see me. Yuck! I admit I am not looking forward to that. I am a bit of a self-conscious person. You know what they say, we are our own worst critic.

Please continue following. I hope this hasn't caused any inconvenience. I look forward to chatting with you all in the future. I have also decided that the Facebook page for the Corprate is potentially going to be deleted. I hope that you will track down the playing the blind hard Facebook page and like that one for any future book updates

I really do love you all! You are a very important part of my creativity, my career, and my passion and reason for writing. I hope that you stick with me through the chaos patience while the rest are being transferred. I am not sure how long this move will take to be officially affective and permanent. So, it is a good idea to sign up for playing the bl

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