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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Where have you been Nicole?

Hello all!

I have missed you all so much! I promise I have not forgotten you. Things in life have just been crazy lately. On top of that, I am still having computer problems. Probably worse than ever.

I will not bore you with details. However, I will say that things are going pretty well. I'm getting them sorted out anyway. In other words, I'm still alive, I'm still kicking, I haven't given up.

I must tell you in case you notice there are spelling errors or anything, for right now, I am blogging from my iPhone. That being said, you should know that I am too lazy to spend for ever typing on a touchscreen. So, I am using the dictate feature. Because of this, it is incredibly possible that there will be serious errors! I apologize in advance. In fact, there probably has already been some so I guess I apologize pre-advance. If you follow playing the blind cart also, you will know what I'm talking about. I just finished that post and there are definitely errors.

In other news…

Clandestine is in production currently. I hope the audiobook will be done and in your devices soon! The new narrators are awesome! I am lucky enough to have two, a male and a female. This will bring a new dynamic to the story. Hopefully, it will bring it to life right before your very years. The duo is very talented. I am also lucky enough to call them my friends. They are a husband and wife partnership. Their names, Joy and Andrew strobe. I'm guessing the dictate feature has butchered their last name. If so I apologize to them a lot! Joy has been my friend for a while. She is the owner at dreamscape covers.  If you haven't seen her work yet, I recommend you check out her website. She's been having a lot of amazing sales and deals lately. Totally worth it.  I put the link in for the site as I normally would, but this stinking app and also the dictate feature and also the talking program in general, will not allow me to do so. Sorry about that guys

I am also currently working on a short story that will be in an anthology in the future. I think you guys will like it. It is a prequel to my story sightless spirits. Which of course, I know has not been released. It will be soon. I am working on it I promise. I am having to put things on hold until the computer problems can be straightened out. When it is, I will let you know and get back to work so I can bring you the material as fast as possible.

Divinity the second book in the bound in blood series is finished!! I am in the middle of still getting with an editor. I only have the second half left to be edited. I have think I have found someone. She comes very highly recommended. I will keep you posted as that progress is made

I am also considering changing the name of clandestine. I have decided that it is possible but not all young adult readers know what the word clandestine meetings. How, I think I know some adults that don't have a clue what that word means. I understand. So, I am wondering if I change the name if that will get people more interested in the title.  Crap… See what I mean about errors in this paragraph? Anyway, I am considering changing the name to simply the series name. Bound in blood. What do you guys think? I would love to hear your thoughts. Send me any type of email private message or comment if you have any.

I am also planning to update my YouTube channel more frequently now that I have an updated iPhone. The video feature works much easier. So please be on the lookout for more videos coming soon!

The other situation is with this blog in general. I have thought about doing this before, but now with the problems with my computer I am thinking about it more heavily. I am considering combining my two blogs Nicole Ray and playing the blind card.

If I do, chances are this blog will be moved over to playing the blind card. This is because I have more followers on that page. It is also more established. It is been around longer. I would also like to hear your guises thoughts about this change. I don't want to do anything that you guys aren't okay with. Let me know what you think.

If the change is made. And if Nicole Ray, moves permanently to just playing the Blenkarne, I can't automatically transfer followers from this blog to that one. I will give you guys plenty of notice however, so that you can get to that one. I hope that you will all consider following playing the blank card either way. I will keep it updated on Facebook and on the blogs on what I did. A decision should be made in the next few days.

I have some funny posts bouncing around my head the last week. I haven't been able to post them however, due to the computer issues. I'm hoping now with this app that I will be able to. It is undecided whether they will be put on the site or I'm playing the blank card. So please consider finding both so that you will be ready and able to read as they come out. I'm not even going to try to post the link to playing the blame card through this dictate feature. I really hope that all of you are able to see the other links on my page surrounding this post. If UR you will find links to not only playing the blank card but also to the YouTube channel and also to descriptions about my books. You can also find links to things that I mentioned earlier such as dreamscape covers. 

Once again, I am sorry for my absence. I am also sorry that there is so many spelling errors in this post. I hope you all can find in your heart to forgive me for all of it. I will try to be more diligent in the future. I promise that you all mean very much to me. And I am still plugging away. I will get back to work and back to writing very soon.  As I mentioned, stories have been bouncing around my head for days. This really sucks in fact, I'm in the mood to write! Finally! Writers block ended. The only problem is I can't right I have no computer in which to write on. How frustrating! Hopefully the stories will stick around in my head long enough to be put down onto the keyboard in into the my computer's memory

So I am done rambling for now. I hope to talk to you all soon. I'm hoping this app will continue to work for me so that I can update things more frequently. Because I am on my iPhone, I should hopefully be able to maybe post pictures now and then too. Please understand if there is no private pictures of my family however. But I will try to post other random pics as they come along

Love you all bunches! Keep on reading!

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