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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Talking Programs Are Not A Blind Girls Best Friend

Greetings and salutations!

Though it's probably seemed like it lately, no I have not dropped off the face of the Earth. There has been a lot going on that has prevented me from posting. The first and most annoying is the talking program on my new computer.

It doesn't like me much and believe me, the feeling is mutual. I am a JAWS girl through and through, but unfortunately, that is not what I'm running on my new laptop. Therefore, I come to you now after charging up my old one. The new program won't let me access Blogger for some God foresaken reason.

I'm sure it isn't the fault of the program and that is why I am not naming it here. I don't wish to give it bad marks in the virtual world. As we all know, those can be quite damaging and last forever.

I think the problem boils down to simple operator error and nothing more. I assure you that I'm working on it and one way or another, will figure it out. I have to... even though it's seriously cramping my style.

I will if nothing else keep this laptop charged just for the blog and promise to post again soon. Thank you to all my loyal followers. I love you all and will talk to you soon.

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