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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Books Books Books And More Books

Have I mentioned that I love to read? Well if not, I do. It kind of borders on obsession actually.

When I first became blind, I hated the idea of audio books. Now, a decade later, I love them and don't know how I ever got along without them.

I will read pretty much anything. My favorite genre lately is ironically paranormal fiction. I am in the middle of several series and am eager to get my hands on more literary genius from these authors. I am currently reading the Southern Vampire Mysteries, The Morganville Vampires, The Weather Warden, Blood Lines and possibly more that I'm not thinking of. Oh yes, that's right! I am also reading the 666 Park Avenue novels and also the All These Things I've Done series.

Most of the series litsted above are in between books right now. This is totally sad because I'm dying to know what happens. Oh yeah! How could I have possibly forgot? I am also reading the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices series too. These are for sure hands down some of my favorites. I'm actually excited to say that Cassandra Clare will be touring near where I live this month. I'm hoping to check it out, but that is another post for a different day.

My goal on Good Reads this year is to at least read fifty books. As sick as my obsession is, I don't think that should be a problem. I figured to set the number a little on the low side though just in case. Let's face it, life happens and sometimes chaos prevents us from enjoying our guilty pleasures.

Do you love to read? What are you reading right now? Also, what is the one book or series that you've read countless times and still can't get enough of it? Let's chat about it in the comment section:)

PS... Thank you all for being loyal readers of my ramblings. If you love the blog and the books, please tell your friends. I see some blogs with hundreds and thousands of followers. My site is experiencing blog envy and is turning green as we speak. Please help cure this horrible condition by encouraging more followers:)


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