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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just Throwing It Out There... Jodi Arias

So I've already blogged on this today. But, I've been watching HLN this evening and the informative commentary of Nancy Grace and I just picked up on something...

Jodi Arias claims that before she got the gun from the closet, she exited the bathroom and ran down the long hall. She said that she had a sense of Travis chasing right behind her and could hear his feet running on the tile floor toward her.

If that is true, wouldn't he then have been shot in the hallway? But by her stoy, they were in the bathroom at the time of the shooting. She says that after the gun went off, they fell to the floor. He was still trying to get on top of her and is yelling threatening profanities about taking her life.

Now this is just speculation, but how could he be yelling profanities if she just shot him in the face. Don't quote me, but I believe it was said in the beginning of the trial that the bullet lodged in Alexander's cheek. If this were true, wouldn't be a little difficult to verbalize threats, let alone yell them?

Either way, it sounds like she can't keep her own stories straight. Maybe she should have chatted with Casey Anthony before carrying out her deviant and psychotic plan.

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