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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lies and Deceptions Of Jodi Arias

The world has been captivated by the trial of the young woman from California Jodi Arias. She is being charged with the brutal murder of Travis Alexander of Arizona.

For the past seventeen days the unthinkable has happened. The murderer has been placed front and center on the stand discussing details, trying to keep herself off death row. Even more interesting, thanks to laws of Arizona, the jury has been able to ask her pointed questions as well. It has been said that they hammered her with over two hundred questions.

Travis lost his life June 4, 2008. He was stabbed 27 times, slit from ear to ear and shot in the face. While Jodi has admitted to killing Alexander, she is claiming fog style memory loss and says she killed him in self-defense because she is a battered woman.

Admitedly, I have not been following this case from day one. In some ways however, I think that is a good thing. My thoughts and opinions weren't swayed by media hype. When my first conclusions were made, they were met cold without other influence. Understandably, my opion means nothing in the big scheme of things. Even still, I can say firmly that it is my opinion that this murder was comitted by a cold hearted ruthless woman. There is plenty of evidence indicating the murder was pre-meditated. There are witnesses that speak out about how controling, obsessive and mentally unstable that Arias was during the course of the relationship.

There is no proof that she was a battered woman. In fact, when witnesses took the stand and spoke to media, they claim the exact opposite. They bare witness to how good, and kind and what an overal genuine person Travis was. The witnesses were friends, old girlfriends, boyfriends, roomates, coworkers and others to both Alexander and Arias.

If you go to www.hlntv.com/jodiarias you will be able to see the route she took that summer from her hometown in California to where she stole the life of Travis Alexander. There you will also find up to date court room information as it happens. There are video clips from the court room, interviews with Travis's friends and other videos that show Travis alive and well.

Arias has been caught in lie after lie after lie. Her first story to the police was that ninjas broke into Alexander's home and raided the place and murdering Travis. Finally after two years of her diception, she decided it's finally time to tell the truth. Is this because she was actually remorseful? Or is it because she knew she was caught and figured it was time to come clean?

Arias claims that she witnessed Alexander pleasuring himself to child porn and that their relationship was never the same after that. However, there is no proof to substantiate these claims. There was nothing on his computer or home that even remotely pointed to the fact that he was a sex offender of any kind.

She says that he broke her finger in January of 2008, leaving her left ring finger disfigured, i.e bent unnaturally. During coss-examination the prosecuter Juan Marinez skillfully pointed out that in pictures months later the finger was perfectly straight, with no abnormality whatsoever.

An audio tape detailing a conversation of phone sex between Arias was recovered. She claimed that she recorded the call for Alexander's benefit. However, at time of recovery, it was in the defendant's posession, not the victim. The recording does display that the two of them engaged in very kinky adult activities. But, it also clearly demonstrates that Arias was conscenting to these activities despite what the defense is aledging.

Arias claims once the gun went off her mind became foggy, working on auto-pilot if you will. She has no memory of the stabbing, dragging the victim back to the shower, or her weak attempts at covering her tracks. First of all, there is evidence that would indicate the stabbing came first. The shell casing was found in a puddle of blood. If the gun shot supposedly came first, there shouldn't have been any blood spilled yet. She had an option to leave the home unharmed despite her claims. When she ran down the long hall of the home and turned right into the closet where she supposedly retrieved the mystery gun, she could have went left and got out of the house.

Which brings me to my next point. A few days before the killing a gun was stolen from Arias's grandparent's home. It just so happened that the caliber of weapon stolen matched the caliber of shell casing found at the scene. The gun stolen from the grandparents was never recovered.

She filled two gas cans before going to Arizona. The prosecution has claimed this was purely a sign of pre-meditation. They say she didn't want to be seen anywhere near Arizona filling up. This was a measure taken by Arias to cover her tracks.

One of the most sickening things about the aftermath of this brutal murder, was in Arias's actions to take the potential heat off herself. She actually had the gutts and nerve to send Alexander's grandmother flowers expressing aledged sympathy of the death of her grandson. She took it a step further by attaching a note that said that if the grandma ever needed anything, she could call Jodi and then gave her phone number. How sick and twisted do you have to be to think this is anywhere near the relm of ok and normal? I hope that the grandmother either burnt the flowers or sent them through a garbage disposal. Arias also had the nerve to attend the memorial service for Alexander. Just who does this woman think she is?

There are countless more lies I could discuss here. It would take too long to list them all. I may address more of them in future posts. These are just some of the few that I find most damning to the defendant, but hardly the worst of the evidence against her. It is clear that Jodi Arias is pathogical, sick, twisted, meniacal and without a doubt empty and unable to realize how psychotic she is. This woman needs to be held accountable for her actions. It would be a terrible injustice to see her walk away from this or to even have the minimum sentence of fifteen years. I have no doubt that if she was ever releaced, she could and would strike again.

Have you been following the trial? What are you thoughts, opinions and theories? Leave them in the comment section of this post.

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