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Thursday, May 31, 2012

You're Just Sayin That Cuz You're Old

I keep thinking this morning about time and how quickly it passes. When I first became a mommy everyone around me told me not to blink because I would miss something.

I scoffed, “Yeah right. You’re just sayin that because you’re old.”

Now I’m twenty-eight with two kids that are soon to be eleven and three and a half. I find myself telling one of my cousins who just ad a baby not to blink. Then I shudder inwardly at the revelation that the statement I just made condemned me to being old too. That’s right I Nicole Rae am old, or at least getting there fast with no end in sight.


So I know I’m not truly old. Obviously, I’m not even thirty. But I’m pretty close. I have Princess going into Junior High this fall. The other day she brought home a slip where she got to pick her elective and we both had to sign it. As cliche and old as it makes me sound I still remember the day I brought that same slip home for my parents to sign. I thought I was the coolest thing alive. It felt like a right of passage in my life.

Then I of course got to Junior High and realized the reality. I was a little fish in a big pond. I had to learn to swim harder and faster than I ever thought possible in order to keep up. But it was good. Junior High taught me a lot. Of course that always isn’t a good thing but hey, lessons learned are lessons learned.

I worry about Princess going to a bigger school with bigger kids and bigger homework loads. She is a very smart kid but the pressures can be overwhelming for anyone and hope that she is strong enough to not succumb to them. I have every confidence in her though. Sure there will be bumps along the way but that is to be expected when embarking on any new adventure.

Peanut will be starting Pre-School in the fall. My youngest baby is going to school. I am somewhat sad to see this milestone reached so early but am excited for her. Everyday she watches Princess go to school and wonders why she doesn’t get to go. Soon though, she will be getting on a school bus and headed to her new classroom and she can’t wait. Even as I write this she is standing at the coffee table practicing writing her name and playing with a book she was given at her school intake appointment.

Did I mention that in the fall I will have four days a week of me time??? A tiny part of me can’t figure out what I am going to do with myself. The bigger more rational part of me says…


Like most moms I don’t get very many days off. Being a single parent I don’t have a spouse to share the joys and pit falls of parenting with. It is all on my shoulders and boy are my arms tired. Sorry bad joke lol.

I am eager to have a few hours a day with utter silence. No TV, No booming stereos, no fighting, no crying, no tantrums, no mommy can I’s… NOTHING. Just me and me alone to relax. It will be nice to be able to clean up and not have the entire task ruined when one of them comes behind me. It will be nice to be able to put my full concentration into writing. Hell, I will be able to nap all by myself if I want to. I will be able to get errands done without another million mommy can I’s.

I totally adore my girls and wouldn’t change a single hair on their head. I love spending time with them and that is a fact. But I am also looking forward to the much deserved, long awaited for me time.

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  1. Hey Nikki, it's Twylla from LCC---LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!!!

  2. It does go too quick. My youngest starts kindergarden next fall. I'm sure you will figure out how to spend you me time. I did a lot of writing related stuff when my daughter was at preschool this year. It was wonderful.

  3. Tylla, thanks sooo much! I haven't talked to you in a million years it seems like. I am so excited that you have found my blogs:) I hope all is well with you.

  4. Suzi, I hope that's true for me as well. I have a lot of book ideas and they may explode out of me if I don't get them on my computer lol :)


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