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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hollow Land By Amanda Hocking

I recently read Hollow Land by Amanda Hocking Well, technically because of the whole blind thing I listened to it via download from Audible I think I would give this book 4 *’s. It’s a Young Adult read that even the grown ups will love.

I must admit that I don’t normally go for this type of book. I love paranormal and the supernatural but this book falls more under the Sci-Fi category. It’s a tale of the end of the world brought forth because of a virus outbreak plaguing the world and turning its citizens into zombies.

Before I get started talking about the book in more depth I have to warn that my spelling of some of the characters names might not be accurate. Thanks to having only read the audio version you are stuck with my interpretation of how their names are spelled.

The main character Remie King is a strong brave nineteen year old who is a survivor at her core. In some aspects of her life she is guarded and maybe even a little jaded but honestly who could blame her. She has spent the entire last year dodging and fighting zombies to protect herself and those she cares about.

The book starts out with her in a Government quarantine meant to be a safe haven for those citizens who have not yet been infected with the virus. When zombies overtake the high school that they call home Remy and a couple friends are forced to flee. Before she goes she discovers that the soldier who had been watching over her and her kid brother has been bitten. That means he is destined to become one of the monsters. He informs her that her brother had been the first evacuated from the quarantine when security was breeched. Max is only eight years old and the only blood family that Remie has left.

She sets off to find him. This means traveling across the country mostly on foot. The only trouble is zombies are everywhere and food and weaponry are scarce commodities.

For those reader seeking a little Romance this book has that too but in a subtle way. Remie meets a rock star named Lazlo. He clearly has a thing for her but at Remie doesn’t want anything to do with him. She things he’s an idiot who wouldn’t have made it as far as he had if it wasn’t for his companion Blue. Also, getting close would mean giving a part of herself that she has had closed off for a long time. Even when she starts to come to terms with her feelings for him she pushes them back and ignores them. No matter what she does Lazlo isn’t detoured though.

Remie refuses to give up on her quest for her brother even when the odds are stacked against her and the friends she meets along the way. It’s a race against time. The zombies want live food and Remie and her friends are the main course.

Hollow Land is the first book in The Hollows series by Hocking. It’s an action packed thrill ride that will leave you wanting more even if it’s not your typical genre choice. If you don’t mind a little gore and you love suspense this book is definitely right for you.

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