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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Series Name Conundrum

So I really love the title of my book. It has been Clandestine for a very long time. I am however, still kind of unsure about the whole “Slayer Saga” thing.

That being said I am looking to all of my readers for there opinion and advice. I would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment under this post letting me know your thoughts.

The book will be coming out next month but there is still time to make that last minute alteration. Keep in mind that the book is about vampires but from a slayer stand point. I am trying to think of something that will make the book stand out amongst a sea of other paranormal books on a search engine. I want it to be something catchy but not over used.

Some ideas have been thrown out there in the mix. They are:
“When Blood Calls”,
“Her Blood Calls”,
“Birth Right”,
“A Trail Of Blood”,
“True Calling”,
“Blood Calls”,
“Blood Calling”,
“Blood Oath”,
“Bonded By Blood”
“Blood Bond”
Blood Bonded”
“Legacy Calls”
“Blood Unity”
“Blood Promise”
“Darkness Calls”
“Crimson Calling”

Another idea was to make Clandestine the series name and create a new title. Do any of you like that idea? I am torn personally. I have loved Clandestine as a title for so long it’s hard for me to think of it as anything else. But if it will work better as the series title instead, I am open to that. If so, I would kind of prefer to keep the main title as a one word thing. The reason why is because the second book in the series is called Divinity and so I kind of wanted to stay in the same one word pattern. But creativity means change and I’m open if necessary.

Do you like any of those? Whether your answer is yes or no why do you feel that way? Do any of them seem like something that you could see picking up and reading? So I guess what I’m really asking what title would have you wanting more?

As mentioned before if you have any ideas please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section of this post. If you need some inspiration you can click HERE to read a brief synopsis of what the book is about.

Thanks for your consideration and opinions. I’ll let you all know what I decide.

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  1. So far there has been a few votes for "True Calling", one vote for "Crimson Calling" and "Darkness Calls". A few new suggestions have been added. They include: "Darkness Calls", "Darkness Rising", Blood Rising", "Blood Sacrifice" and "Slayers Will". Do you guys like any of these?


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