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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nicole's Revolution

So I’ve been seriously considering lately that I need to start a revolution. The only problem is I don’t have any ideas. I know I could totally start one, no really I could. I don’t have any super powers and I’m not as exciting as some revolution starters but I still think I got what it takes.

I was thinking the first step should be to start a petition to abolish the production and sale of Marshmallow Peeps. I know that might seem small in the big scheme of things but sometimes it takes baby steps to win the war. Those weird little things are disturbing and they have to go.

Maybe next I could politely inform stores that the woman’s department should change their sizing practices. For instance, a large could actually say small on the label. Honestly, that’s just good business sense. Ladies would much rather purchase a dress that made her feel smaller and better about herself. Plus, who wants to say they are a large when they could say they are a small. If the stores banded together and made this dream a reality then when someone said they were a small they wouldn’t get the strange looks implying they were nuts. Just sayin…

The third step should be something less obvious. Maybe it would look as though I’m doing nothing but that’s the beauty of it. In reality I would be behind the scenes making something happen. It would be glorious and wonderful you just wouldn’t know what it was.

Okay, so it looks like I have the start of a good plan. I of course would love all the support I can get. That being said… WHO’S WITH ME????

LOL: Stay tuned for the next ridiculous installment of Nicole’s Revolution.


  1. You lost me at marshmallow peeps. Sorry. Once a year, I think we should be allowed. Easter specifically. I don't think they need to start showing up at all other holidays as they are doing now.

    The clothing sizing thing... not a bad idea though. :)

  2. Suzi,
    Thanks for the comment and I agree that peeps should not be around any time other than Easter. I don't know why but those things just drive me nuts. Nothing against those who like them I am just not a marshmellow fan. Now the clothing idea... I could totaly jump on board with something like that;) I hope you will decide to follow my blog :D


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