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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Enter To Win A $15 Gift Card!!!

I have never done a contest before so I hope everyone will bear with me on this one. I’m a contest virgin and will do the best I can I promise.

So, my debut novel Clandestine will be coming out this summer as some of you may already know. I have been doing everything humanly possible to get the word out and gain interest for the series. I see that a lot of fellow authors on Twitter host contests on their blogs. I’ve decide to take the plunge and join the fun.

So what is the contest you might ask? It’s simple actually. Since I don’t have a copy of my book yet to offer as a prize I’ll go with the next best thing. MONEY! Well, a gift card but that’s still like free money right? The winner of the contest will be drawn at random and given the choice of several different gift cards equaling $15.

All you have to do to qualify is sign up to follow this blog. Yep that’s right and it will just take a minute of your time. Follow the few easy steps to become an official follower of Nicole Rae’s Blog and you’re in.

The winner will be drawn on May 25th. You have until seven O’clock pm pacific time to enter.

The winner will be announced on May 26th on this site. I will also post the results on Twitter. The winning party has two days to claim their prize or a new winner will be drawn and given the gift card by US mail.

This contest will ONLY be for US participants. If you are a fan from somewhere outside of the US I am super sorry. There will be more contests in the future that will be open to everyone. So keep checking back for your chance to win.

By the way: you must be at least thirteen years of age to enter this contest. If you are a minor I do ask that you ask your parents permission before entering. They might not like you giving out your address to strangers even if you would be receiving a gift card.

What are your gift card options? The following is the list of stores you have to choose from. Remember you may only have one gift card so choose carefully.

The stores are: ITunes, Wal Mart, Target, Fred Meyer, Safeway, Pet Co, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowes, JC Penny, Sears, Macy’s, and Starbucks

Remember you only have until May 25th to enter. So take a sec and sign up to be a follower of this blog and enter to win a gift card from one of the stores listed above. Don’t worry, if you’re already a follower of the blog then your golden. It counts as an entry. You’re just one step ahead of the game. IMPORTANT: If you were a follower of Nicole Rae’s Blog before this contest was announced please leave a comment on this post to confirm that you would like to participate. If you do not leave a comment you will forfeit your entry. This is because I don’t want to put someone’s name in the drawing that does not wish to participate. That would make things less convenient because that would mean a new name would have to be drawn and more time the winner has to wait. Thanks for your understanding.


All you have to do to increase your chances of winning is sign up to be a follower of my other blog Playing The Blind Card. If you do, you will have your name in the drawing twice. It won’t take long and it will double your odds. You can find Playing The Blind Card at http://www.playingtheblindcard.blogspot.com or, you can use the direct link that is listed on this site. People who are only members of Playing The Blind Card must be members of Nicole Rae’s Blog in order to qualify.

Be sure to tell your friends and give them the chance to enter too. I hope you all decide to take part in the contest and of course… GOOD LUCK!


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  2. Your welcome:) Be sure to tell your friends and Good Luck


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