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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Princess And The Peanut VS Writing

When you’re a mommy it’s really hard to have a writing routine. Neither job can be mutually exclusive. Nevertheless, both are important. It’s pretty much inevitable that both activities will run together.

I have two beautiful daughters that I will refer to as Princess and Peanut. The main reason for this is because my oldest daughter (Princess) would have a fit if she knew I was talking about her.

Anyway, Princess is ten and Peanut is two. Obviously, Princess goes to school five days a week, so that should make it easier for my writing. However, little Miss Peanut isn’t in school yet so she’s home with me every day. She will be attending Pre-School in the fall and is super siked about it.

Because she is home all the time, she of course demands the majority of my attention. I will say though, she is really good about entertaining herself for a bit if Mommy needs to get some work done. Now don’t get me wrong, there are interruptions… Lord there are interruptions.

I am sometimes in the middle of an intense plot point of a book I’m working on when Peanut decides she wants to take my order. This usually means I need to stop what I’m doing and tell her I want a milkshake and a carrot, or some other random combination I come up with at the time. Peanut will then rush to her pretend kitchen to fill my order. When she returns she has my delectable treat presented on a sparkling tray. Now by treat I mean Legos that she calls my food and drink. By sparkling tray, I mean one of her hard cover story books which do sparkle thanks to the glossy cover.

I then have to pretend to consume her creations and give her a rave review at which time I hand her my pretend money. After that, she takes my finished items back to her pretend kitchen and does the dishes. She’s really quite an efficient little thing isn’t she?

PS… If you ever play this game with her don’t ask her for change when you pay her. That’s where she scams ya.

Needless to say this some times makes for a non-eventful work day. For the most part I’m fine with it. I have learned to schedule my work stints in conjunction with naps, movie time or after both Princess and Peanut are tucked in at the end of the day. The only problem is sometimes you can’t schedule when an idea will take form. In order to let the creative juices flow and get the thought out, I will make a note of it on my computer or on my IPhone. For all of you sighted mommies, you can substitute computer for pen and paper if that’s more convenient.

Someday Miss Peanut will be in school full time and I’ll be able to have a normal work day with my writing. I am excited for those days but will miss my Lego and story book treats dearly. Yes writing is important and my future but it is only a piece. It’s easy to get wrapped up in writing your next book but always remember to cherish your little Peanut. They are only little once.

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  1. love this nikki, she can be a handful, but remember i will take her.

  2. nice idea.. thanks for sharing...

  3. Thank you I appreciate it very much:)

  4. She's totally a handful but ya gotta lover her:) I wouldn't have her be any other way


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