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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If You Like To Write... Then Write

When you are a writer the most important part is of course… writing. You can’t be a writer if you don’t write regularly. They say to write everyday but for some this just isn’t possible. Life tends to get in the way. My only suggestion to those writers is to do it as often as you possibly can without giving yourself carpal tunnel and or arthritis.

When I was in High School, an amazing teacher named Mr. Fogus told us to write continuously without stopping for fifteen minutes. We were aloud to write anything we wanted and it wasn’t required to make sense. He said even if you have to jump from topic to topic it doesn’t matter just write.

I have to say Mr. Fogus was one of my favorite teachers. The other was Mrs. McIntyre. Ironically enough they were both English teachers.

So I did the assignment and was really excited about it. I loved anything to do with writing especially when I got to purge my creativity in any way my mind struck me. It really is the greatest and I recommend it for anyone experiencing writers block. Anyway, he set his timer and we all got started. At the end of the fifteen minutes I had written almost a complete story.

Side note: I didn’t do that every time. Sometimes my paper was a jumble of thoughts that made little to no sense.

It was a story about a family of lawn gnomes that were trying to live a normal life in the regular world. The main conflict was that a cranky old man obsessed with his yard kept stealing their son to decorate his garden. At night they would have to sneak through a hole in the fence and past the cranky old man’s yippy Pomeranian to retrieve their son. By the end of the story they worked out a deal with the cranky old man and they got to live in his garden. He promised them that if they stayed in perfect position when ever he had visitors he would keep them painted and polished. Once they had agreed the cranky old man wasn’t so cranky anymore.

Yeah I know totally silly story but I was a lot younger when I wrote it. Not to mention, people clearly like stories involving lawn gnomes look at the movie Gnomeo & Juliet that was really popular. So there!

The main point of this post is that if you love to write then write all the time. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense. Just get all of your thoughts down on the paper. Afterward, you can examine the material and who knows? It’s possible that you have a workable story or maybe even fragments for multiple stories.

If you’ve done that and still don’t know what to write then just write what you know. Starting to a topic you are familiar with is easy. You can base a character on yourself or someone you know and fill in the blanks with experiences you’ve gone through. Anyone’s life is interesting enough to want to read if it’s written well.

PS… The cover to Clandestine is coming along good.  I am using a company called Dream Scape covers.  The artist is super nice and does awsome work.  I'm excited to see what people think of the cover when it's done.  I will post it on the site when the artist is finished. I’ve also decided to tweak the ending a little bit and I’m working with someone to do a final round of editing before it’s released. As it gets nearer and nearer to being finished I can’t hardly stand it. I am so excited and I hope everyone loves the story as much as I loved writing it. That being said I hope that all of you reading this will subscribe to this site. You can do so by going under the heading followers and clicking the link. Signing up is easy and only takes a second. If you’re on Twitter you can follow me there too and get updates about the book and normal life ramblings.


  1. Nice post couldn't agree more you gotta force yourself to write even or perhaps especially when the inspiration is not there

  2. Thank you very much :) It can be very hard sometimes. I try to write every day. There are some days when it's a jumble of a million ideas. The majority might not ever be touched again but it still makes me feel better to get something down.


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