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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Help Make A Dream A Reality

click HERE to donate a small piece of your time and consider supporting my dream.

It has been requested by many of my fans in the blind community that my Bound In Blood series be made available in audio. I found a site called ACX that can make this happen. It distrubutes books to sites such as Audible Amazon iTunes
To produce a professional audio book it takes considerable ammounts of time, energy and of course money. Unfortunately, since I am a fairly new author, the funds are a bit of a problem.

So, I turned to Kick Starter to help make my dream a reality. It is a great crowd funding website that allows people an opportunity to turn to the public to gain funding for their creative projects.

I know my series would be great in audio and have already found the perfect narrator. Melissa Strom is an amazing talent and is willing to work with me on my series. The next step... funding.

My project will be open until November 1, 2012. There is less then a month left! I already have six backers, but am hoping to find some more. When a person makes a pledge and becomes a backer, they will receive great rewards and prizes as well as the good feeling of knowing they've helped their fellow man... or, woman in my case:)

I'm asking you to please visit my Project Page and consider what you can do to help. Remember the the pledge can be as low as one dollar. Also, if I don't reach my goal, no money ever exchanges hands. This protects YOU the potential backer from funding a prject that will never see completion.

Not convinced yet? Don't have the money, but still want to help?

That's great too! All you have to do is spread the word about my project in any way you can. Word of mouth, email, Facebook, Twitting, Good Reads, Tumblr.... just to name a few. Are you a blogger? It would be great if I could find bloggers willing to post an interview or info about my project, or even a guest post. The key to reaching my goal is getting the project out there in front of people like you. So lets get spreading!!!! :)

Anyway, I'm done plugging now. Well sorta:) I will let you go think this over. Check out the page and give it a read. There's also an adorable video for your viewing pleasure that my two amazing daughters did to try and help mommy out. It is really cute.

So one more time... pretty pretty please please consider doing anything you can to help this project. It would mean more to me than you would ever know.

Did you miss the link? Here it is one more time

HERE and help make this happen!


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